About Us

Our Promise

At Origin Vitality we believe your health is the most important thing in life. Our objective is: to produce top quality plant based nutritional supplements and natural medicinal products that make a genuine impact to your daily life. Our experts use scientific research combined with natural medicine to support the formulation of our products. We search for the most premium and pure raw ingredients with zero nasties, so your body can optimally process and absorb the nutrients. Ingredients we use are sourced from organic cultivation, cruelty free and our products are also suitable for vegans.

The Team

Founded in 2018, We are a team of passionate and determined people who strive to make naturopathic and organic, plant-based supplements accessible and affordable to the general public with offices in the USA, UK & Australia. Combining our own experience and knowledge in collaboration with international manufacturers and wholesalers we have been able to build an extensive catalogue of premium natural products for distribution across multiple markets.